Service at the Mustard Seed: A GNS Tradition

Service at the Mustard Seed: A GNS Tradition

The Young Round Square recently hosted the Mustard Seed's Street Kitchen for the first time this school year.

They took control of the kitchen last Friday, planning the menu, shopping, cooking, and serving the supper to over 100 diners.

"It was really cool to see how we were actually helping people," says Savanna, Grade 8. Even though this was her second time helping out at the Street Kitchen, Savanna says she was nervous. But surrounded by her peers and with so much work to be done, that didn't last long.

For Ella, another Grade 8 student, this was her first experience volunteering with the Mustard Seed. She said it was eye-opening, and definitely something she would like to pursue further in the future. "Some people think homeless people have done something wrong, but that's not true," Ella says. The experience taught her the importance of talking to people you might not otherwise get to know.

"When you're just donating money, you can't see who you're helping," adds Savanna. "But when you're out there serving food, you can."

Friday's meal consisted of chicken curry with rice, salad and a bun. With everyone pitching in, cooking and serving was a breeze. The students had a great time, and are all looking forward to the next service opportunity!

The Young Round Square regularly helps out at the Mustard Seed; their next Street Kitchen will take place in the New Year.


Dylan Reeves
Interim Senior School Round Square Coordinator

Kim Waugh
Young Round Square Coordinator

Leanne Giommi
Junior School Round Square Coordinator

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