Family Boarding

Family boarding

Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) has a Family Boarding Program to accommodate those students whose parents do not live in Victoria.

5-Day Family Boarding

For residents of BC, GNS offers a 5-Day Family Boarding program where students live with a GNS family during the week, but return home for the weekends. This unique structure gives students access to a top-notch IB education and rich co-curricular program while allowing them to maintain strong ties to their family and home town community. Truly, the best of both worlds.

International Student Boarding

For international students, we offer a 10-month Family Boarding program. The goal of this program is to provide a safe, supportive, English-speaking family environment for international students attending GNS. In addition to gaining a valuable understanding of Canadian culture and traditions, living with a Canadian family provides our international students with the opportunity to speak English regularly, which is a critical element in how quickly their language skills progress.

Where does my child live?

Each student is placed with a member of the GNS Community. This means a family here in Victoria that has their own children at GNS. We also board students with staff. The selection process is important and this is why we take the time get to know each student, their passions, their interests and who they are.

It is intended that participation in the GNS Family Boarding Program be a rich and rewarding experience for both students and their host families. The host parents’ accommodation will be inspected and approved by the Family Boarding Coordinator on behalf of GNS. Students requiring a placement should complete the Family Boarding Placement Questionnaire, available from the Admissions Office.