Admissions Process

Step 1: A TOUR
Prospective families are warmly invited to arrange to have a tour of Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS)—an important step in the admissions process. This tour will provide you with information about our internationally recognized programs, and our community—its energy and culture. All parents are welcome to arrange an additional meeting with school principals. Contact the Admissions Office at 250.370.6801 or email to arrange your tour.

Formal application to GNS is made through our online admissions system. To access the online application, please first submit an inquiry and specify that you would like to access our application form. Once your inquiry has been processed, a GNS account will be created for you. Instructions will be forwarded to you about how to login to your GNS account and begin the process.

Step 3: A VISIT
Prospective students entering Grades 1 to 3 are invited to visit for a half day while students entering Grades 4 to 12 are invited to visit for a full day. This visit not only allows students to experience life at GNS first hand, it provides the school with the opportunity to become better acquainted with them.

Assessments are conducted to help everyone confirm that the programs offered at GNS are a good fit with the applicant. GNS is looking for students who have the potential to be successful in an enriched, academic program, and who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school. Assessments occur throughout the year as space permits, but most take place between November and April.

Entry Level Method of Evaluation When*
Junior Kindergarten Interview and classroom visit Nov. prior to Sept. entry
Kindergarten Individual and Group Readiness Assessment Nov. to Dec.
Grades 1 to 3 Morning visit to class and assessment Nov. to April
Grades 4 to 5 Day visit, standardized testing and interview Nov. to April
Grade 6 to 12 Day visit, standardized testing and interview Nov. to May
* Please note that as space permits, applications will be considered outside the timelines provided.

Within two weeks of applicants completing the admissions process, parents will be contacted and advised of the assessment results. All aspects of the process are taken under consideration to confirm that GNS is the right school for the student. And, provided we have space, the family will be asked to complete a registration package.

For Canadian students, once accepted to GNS, the family is sent a formal letter of offer and a registration package. The process is not complete until all forms in the registration package have been completed and returned to the Admissions Office, along with a non-refundable one-time registration fee of $2,000. For International students, acceptance of an offer is made by completing all forms in the registration package and returning it to the Admissions Office along with a $5,000 non-refundable deposit ($2,000 is a non-refundable registration fee; $3,000 is applied to tuition).

Outstanding Canadian students applying to Grades 6 to 12 are eligible to be considered for a general entrance scholarship. Application for an entrance scholarship is complete when:

  • an application for admission indicating interest in the scholarship program has been submitted to the Admissions Office;
  • copies of an applicant’s two report cards (the most recent year-end and most recent) have been submitted;
  • two letters of reference (one academic-based and one activity-based) have been submitted;
  • the entrance tests have been written;
  • the applicant has had an interview and if possible, has spent a day visiting the school.

Entrance scholarship applications must be completed no later than March 31, 2017, as scholarship decisions are made at the beginning of April. Entrance scholarship awards are up to a maximum of 50% of annual tuition fees and are credited towards tuition.

The school makes every effort to enable families to meet the financial challenges of an independent school education. Families wishing to apply for a bursary may use the online application form (Financial Aid for Canadian Students). If you have any questions about financial assistance or bursaries, please contact, in confidence, the Admissions Office, 250.370.6801.

Tuition fees are used for operational expenses, such as salaries and general maintenance. As is the case with all independent schools, donations are needed to sustain the many and diverse opportunities that are an intrinsic part of an independent school education. Donations also provide the funds for capital improvements—major renovations and construction of facilities. All donations are tax receipted according to CRA guidelines. As new parents to the school, a member of our Advancement Team will be in touch with you to explain the different ways families are involved in philanthropy at GNS.

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