English Acquisition

English Acquisition

English Acquisition (EA) is a specialized English language course for students whose first language is not English.

Language learners typically develop proficiency in social English quite quickly, but need intensive study to develop sufficient levels of academic English, which has much more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures.

The EA course prepares students for academic success. Developing students’ academic English supports progress within all subjects across the curriculum.

EA is ideal for international students studying in Canada. Students learn what it means to be Canadian. Emphasis is placed on deepening an awareness and appreciation of Canadian culture, as well as international mindedness in a multi-cultural community.


What our students say about EA:

It was really cool to share things from our own culture, and learn to respect cultural differences.
– Pim

I like that there are many other international students at GNS. It’s fun making friends with students from other countries. It meant a lot to me to meet other students from my home culture too. I loved that.
– Diego

My confidence quickly grew because we were asked to share our opinions frequently, and exchange ideas with others.
– Melody

We can learn more in small classes.
– Robin

EA is learning about language, culture and experiences. And having fun!
– Jiyoung