HeadStart Program

Headstart Program

The HeadStart Program introduces life at Glenlyon Norfolk School to new international students. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the school’s culture, the International Baccalaureate program and what to expect as the newest members of our unique and vibrant community.

For five days, students are fully immersed in the GNS community, surrounded by current teachers, parents and students who will warmly welcome them to our Pemberton Woods Campus. By beginning their immersion into Canadian life before the school year begins, students are better equipped to handle the transition to succeed at GNS, both academically and socially, when their peers join them for classes.

HeadStart Program

This innovative experience is about more than providing a glimpse of what’s to come inside the classroom—it’s also about having fun! Students are given many opportunities to discover the city of Victoria, their new home away from home.

The first days in a new school are exciting and exhilarating, but can also be stressful and challenging. The HeadStart Program helps ensure that every student’s transition goes as smoothly as possible, and will maximize their ability to thrive from day one.

The fee for the GNS HeadStart Program is $1000 CDN, which includes all instruction, activities, transportation and accommodation. To learn more, please contact the Admissions Office (admissions@mygns.ca).

HeadStart Schedule 2018

HeadStart Schedule

HeadStart 2018: Middle School Students

HeadStart 2018: Senior School Students