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Our Virtual School


At Glenlyon Norfolk School, we are proud to do our best through truth and courage as we deliver a high-quality education and fulfil our mission even during unexpected and exceptional circumstances.
We have created ‘GO!’ (or ‘Gryphons Online!’) to address this need. We know that GO! will become much more than just an online education platform. The creation of GO! speaks to who we are as a school, our core values of truth, courage, community, caring and individuality, and how we model the values of adaptability, resilience and risk-taking in a safe environment where everyone is valued.
GNS will continue to offer an exceptional educational experience that will include both an Asynchronous Learning Environment as well as Synchronous, real-time engagements.

Our Learning Platform

GO! will help to focus on:GO! will also ensure:
Asynchronous Learning
Much of the content created by teachers will allow students to go at their own pace, directed and guided by their teachers
Synchronous Learning/Contact
Teachers and students/classes will have some opportunities for 1:1 or teacher:class live interactions
A ‘Less is More Approach’
Assignments of any sort will likely take longer to complete than they might in a school/classroom based learning environment
We will not be looking to add homework to any of the learning that is being presented, and assignments will be well planned with realistic submission dates
Sharing Explicit Guidance and Instructions
Teachers will be clear in the instructions they give and in their expectations of how long student work should take to complete. If students are unclear, they should ask, just as they would in a classroom situation
Well-being Considerations
Regular routines and practices that would usually be followed when we are all ‘at school’ should be the norm. Regular school night bedtimes, eating times, and home routines will help enormously!
Teachers will share the format, the length and any other requirements of learning (e.g., create a two-minute video and include a note-form check list of the key points)
That GO! Is Flexible and Responsive
GNS will be listening to feedback from students, families and teachers, and plan the ways this feedback will help to build and strengthen how we adapt and develop our ideas around GO!
Developing Relationships and Empathy
We have learned that a key part of learning in a new environment away from school is to maintain and continue to develop relationships. This is why we will continue with homeform time, assemblies, etc., as they will help students to develop and strengthen their relationships with their peers and their teachers.
GO! is not ‘home-schooling’
We know that our students benefit best when they have the same approaches from school and at home. This the case now, and we want to stress that learning at GNS will continue, directed and stewarded by our teachers, in multiple approaches that most definitely are not classroom-based.
Clarity of Communication
We hope that the processes outlined in this overview of GO! help as a reminder of the need for ongoing, consistent communication. Please do engage! We have no fixed ideas as to how this will develop and we know there will be a need to adapt as we proceed. We are optimistic that the outcomes will be strong.
Time-management is Supported
We understand fully that learning in this manner could become all-consuming. That is why we want to ensure that we keep an eye on having students use their time well. Understanding the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning and communicating will be an important part of this.
Learning Being Interactive, and Fun!
There are many possible ways that we see this plan developing and we are confident it will build creativity, resilience, adaptability and independence. How cool is that?
Learning is Boosted and Supported
There will be multiple opportunities for the curation and sharing of online teaching and learning materials. This will also allow for many different enrichment activities.

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