NHS Class of '67 Celebrates 50 Years

NHS Class of '67 Celebrates 50 Years

By Maria Gonçalves

The largest turnout ever of Norfolk House "Wise Girls" descended on the campus on Friday, April 28th.

Reunion organizers Alison (Grant) Partridge and Kate (Angus) Maxwell searched the globe near and far and rounded up twenty-one alumnae out of a grad class of thirty. Do thy best indeed!

The Head of School, Dr. Glenn Zederayko, and Junior School Principal, Jean Bigelow (NHS '71) presented the NHS alumnae with their 50-year pin. The award for Furthest Travelled went to Margo (Heisterman) Clerkson from Calgary, with the consolation prize going to Lindsay (Boyd) Boulton from Kelowna.

Messages from alumnae who could not be present (Ontario, Hawaii, Israel) were shared and elicited fond memories and laughter. Following the reception in The Hall, the party moved to Moxie's for dinner. We have it on good authority that the "Old Boys," also in town for their reunion weekend at that other school, crashed the scene at dinner and upped the fun level a notch or two.

The buzz was great, spirits were high and everyone had a memorable time. The reunion weekend wound down with a lunch gathering at The Snug on Saturday for the die-hards.

A new standard has been set by which all future NHS receptions will be measured! NHS Class of 1968—you have been thrown the gauntlet! Many happy returns all.

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