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Parking and Drop-off at Pemberton Woods

We kindly ask for your cooperation with these guidelines for parking and student drop-off and pick-up around the Pemberton Woods Campus. We want to ensure good neighbour relations for the future and to make sure our students are safe.
There is NO PARKING OR STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP on Bank Street or in the Bank Street school round-about. Most of the residents on that block have no driveways and thus the street is their only place to park.
To ease congestion on Maddison Street, we would encourage all Senior School families to use the Richmond Avenue parking lot and pull-ins on the school side of the road to drop-off or pick-up students. Middle School families are asked to use the Maddison Street parking lot and school loading zone. Families with students in both schools should use the area that is most convenient.
On Maddison Street, there is a small five-minute school loading zone for drop-off and pick-up immediately in front of the stone wall. Please do not park or wait in areas where curbs are painted yellow.
For any parents using the Maddison Street parking lot entrance and exit, please note that there is no "parking" in the drop-off lane. This lane is for quick drop-off or pick-up only. We’re finding that many of the allocated staff and Admissions parking spaces are being blocked or are becoming inaccessible due to vehicles being left parked and empty in the drop-off zone. Parking and waiting in the through lanes also blocks the emergency access that would be necessary in the case of fire. When dropping off students in the Maddison Street parking lot, please drive to the head of the line before stopping to let your child out of the car. Do not leave big gaps between cars in this lane as it causes back-ups for people trying to enter the lot.
It is also important to know that the exit onto Maddison Street from the parking lot is a RIGHT TURN only. We have been advised—and based on our focus on student safety and past vehicle incidents—that no vehicle should turn left onto Maddison, whether there is a school bus parked on the curb or not. Please help us keep our students safe and our neighbours happy by following these rules.
Parents are reminded that due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents should wait in their properly parked cars when picking up children from school. Only those with appointments should proceed to the school offices to sign-in.
Please do not park or wait for students in the designated bus zones. Please review the Maddison Street Bus and Car Drop-off Zones document for all the details. There are also some two-hour parking spaces on Richardson Street by Pemberton Park.
There is NO PARKING OR STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP on Laurentian Street. Parking spaces in this lot are all reserved for staff. Parents are asked not to use this lot as that was the agreement made with the city when they granted us the road right of way to create the lot.
Please try to be a good neighbour. A good neighbour is respectful and considerate. As contributing members of the Maddison/Quamichan/Gonzales/Richmond streets neighbourhood, Glenlyon Norfolk School can be a leader in this regard:
  • Please adhere to the traffic laws. Please slow down in your car as you approach the school zone. Safety is a priority in our neighbourhood.
  • Please respect our neighbours’ right to their ‘residential parking’. Please park in the recommended GNS parking zones.
  • Please handle any interactions with our neighbours maturely and amicably.
It is our responsibility as good citizens to do our very best to maintain good relationships with our neighbours. We can all work together to make our neighbourhood safe and friendly.

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