Doing Our Best for Your Family

Truth. Courage. Caring. Individuality. Community.

These five words form the core of the Glenlyon Norfolk School experience. GNS challenges young minds with a first-class academic experience complemented by extensive exposure to artistic, athletic and service opportunities. Every GNS student is an IB student, even if they choose not to complete the Diploma Programme, and each graduate departs the school equipped with the skills required to find great success in their post-secondary studies, their careers and their lives. The GNS difference is our people. The relationships forged between students and teachers who know them and care about them as individuals set us apart and make our great school truly exceptional.

As a not-for-profit school, we work hard to create and adhere to a balanced budget, ensuring we continue offering the programs our community expects while also accounting for annual increases in operational expenditures. These costs include, critically, the salaries and benefits of the people most directly responsible for our school’s success: our faculty and staff. Without these committed, dedicated professionals, we would be unable to keep the promises we have made to your children and your family.

This report is designed to allow you to better understand the process we undertake as we set tuition fees for each year. We understand the impact fees have on our families, and every effort is made to mitigate tuition increases from year to year. At the same time, in order to continue evolving as one of the finest schools on Vancouver Island or anywhere else in Canada, fee increases are inevitable. We are confident the choice to invest in your child’s education at GNS is among the most valuable decisions you will ever make. And we are committed to ensuring your choice is validated and exceeded each and every day.

What You Get: Your Commitment. Our Promise.

100% of our grads are accepted
An average of 3 offers of acceptance
An average of $891,651 in Scholarships was earned per year by our last 5 graduating classes
An average of 94% of our IB Diploma Candidates earn their full IB Diploma with a score of 24 or higher
1 to 7 Staff to Student ratio
100%of our students are engaged in co-curricular activities
53% of Senior School students play on at least 1 of our 22 athletics teams
8,500+ service hours

How We Budget: Your Fees Defined.

GNS Budget Cycle

  1. Head of School and Leadership Team determine budget priorities with input from staff.
  2. Draft budget is prepared by Director of Finance and reviewed and revised with Head.
  3. Draft budget is sent to Finance Committee for review; Head and Director of Finance revise based on feedback.
  4. Draft budget is presented to Board of Governors in late November.
  5. Head and Director of Finance review and revised budget based on feedback from Board of Governors; new draft presented to Finance Committee.
  6. Draft budget is presented to Board of Governors in January for final review and approval.
  7. Head communicates to families regarding re-enrolment and any increase in fees.
  8. Draft budget is reviewed in September.
  9. Finance Committee reviews and confirms final budget for Board of Governors approval.

We Invest in the Best People to Provide Your Family
the Best Experience.

GNS Society Revenues

For the year ending June 30, 2018

GNS Society Revenues

GNS Society Expenses

For the year ending June 30, 2018

GNS Society Expenses

Our Community Generously Supports our Efforts to Enhance Student Learning.

Four years ago, parent participation in annual giving at GNS was just 18%. In 2016/2017, the CAIS national average for parent participation in annual giving was 34%, while 50% of GNS parents took part. In 2017/2018, parent participation climbed to 53%, while staff participation was a whopping 95%.

53% of our parents made gifts to GNS
95% Staff Participation

We Measure Ourselves Against the Best Schools in Canada.

Source: Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) National KPI Benchmarking 2016/2017 Report

In 2016/2017, GNS operating costs per student were 6% lower than the CAIS average
In 2016/2017, GNS administrative expenses per student were 12% less than the CAIS national average

We Evaluate Our Fees Against Other Schools
to Ensure We Retain Excellent Value.

Senior School Tuition at Nearby Schools

GNS* Brentwood Meadowridge*
$22,045 $27,000 $21,300
St. Michaels Stratford Hall* West Point Grey
$22,980 $23,050 $22,470
St. George's St. Margaret's York House
$24,950 $18,115 $22,400
Mulgrave* Collingwood Crofton House
$23,980 $24,300 $22,000

* IB school