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Ensuring Faculty and Staff Remain Outstanding.

In our Strategic Plan 2017-2022, we identify six Key Success Factors that are critical to our continued success. One of the most significant factors is Ensuring Faculty and Staff Remain Outstanding:

“At GNS we recognize the role each member of our faculty and staff plays in ensuring every child is known and celebrated as an individual. We are committed to challenging, inspiring and supporting students, allowing them to realize their full potential in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship.

In a rapidly changing and competitive world, we are steadfast in our work to maximize the personal and professional growth of our colleagues. In turn, our teachers are dedicated, caring and collaborative, and always put students first. Each is keenly aware that it is imperative they develop their expertise in an ongoing fashion.”

As a not-for-profit school, our strength is our people. 92% of the tuition fees we collect each year are allocated to ensuring we attract and retain the very best faculty and staff. In turn, they create an unparalleled collective experience for every one of our 700 students. They educate, they motivate, and they inspire. Our teachers see their work at GNS as more than a job; it’s a way of life.

Junior School Teacher-Librarian

Sarah has worked with GNS for 2 years and been a parent at the school for 6 years.

Head of Language & Literature

Rob has worked with GNS for 5 years.

Head of Individuals & Societies, and Senior School Teacher-Librarian

Rebecca has worked for GNS for 11 years and been a school parent for 2 years.

What You Get: Our Promise to Our Students.

We will work to understand, challenge and support you to do your best and realize your potential as a whole person each day and throughout life.

66% of Grade 11 and 12 students participate in our Arts programs
53% of Senior School students play on at least 1 of our 22 athletics teams
15% of GNS families receive more than $1M in financial aid, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the GN
4 out of 5 students exceed their community and service requirements
GNS offers 27 IB Diploma courses the most of any CAIS school in western Canada, and available as individual courses or as par
100%of our students are engaged in co-curricular activities
100% of our staff are involved in our co-curricular programs
1 to 6 staff to student ratio with an average student population of 700

Glenlyon Norfolk School is committed to attracting and retaining the very finest educators. Teachers at GNS are compensated at levels that exceed the average salaries earned by their peers in Greater Victoria. 100% of faculty and staff receive Professional Development training opportunities in a variety of areas that allow them to continue providing exceptional educational experiences to every GNS student and family.

We Evaluate Our Fees Against Other Schools
to Ensure We Retain Excellent Value.

Senior School Tuition at Schools from across Canada

Senior School tuition from schools across Canada