Doing Our Best for Your Family

It is wonderful to see how the new school year at GNS continues to be filled with optimism and energy as students, faculty, staff and parents put forth great effort to do their best and look after each other. Please take a few minutes to note the short updates and links that follow. They are shared to help keep you informed and excited about where we are headed as a community.

University Success, Budgeting and Benchmarks:

Two key metrics we use when evaluating our performance as a school are the number of university acceptances offered to our graduates, and the accompanying scholarships and awards they earn. The link below illustrates the great successes of the last several years of graduates. Our goal is to work with your children so they not only earn acceptance into university, but are also prepared to find great success throughout their post-secondary experiences, their careers and their lives. The link also contains some easy to understand infographics detailing other considerations we make as a not-for-profit school, including our budgeting process and the way we use benchmarking to ensure we are utilizing our resources wisely.

Learn more by clicking here

Please Continue to Promote Caring:

At GNS, taking time to ensure everyone is included, encouraged, supported and engaged is key to enabling our community to do their collective best. With this in mind, I would ask that you continue to promote caring behaviour with your children on a daily basis. When one feels included and supported, one reciprocates in kind and a virtuous cycle is created. We also know that in a caring community, one is best able to truly do one’s best.

A Reminder Regarding Concerns and Questions:

Please remember that we want to hear from you whenever concerns and questions arise in regard to your GNS Experience. Please do not hesitate to connect with the teacher or staff member most closely involved to whatever issue may be affecting you. If you are not satisfied following this preliminary discussion, please contact the appropriate Principal and, if your concern has still not been resolved, please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read and best wishes for a great October!

Dr. Glenn Zederayko
Head of School