REMINDER: Maintaining Critical Contact Information

With the introduction of Blackbaud this school year, GNS offers parents the ability to maintain contact details for themselves and their children. This is our key tool for connecting with and assisting you and your child. Please help us to do our best for you by reviewing the following three important points.

1. Ensuring Student Safety and a Strong Home-School Partnership

It is absolutely vital your information is up-to-date, with key elements present that allow us to contact you at all times.

At a minimum, GNS requires the following in every student profile:

  • An accurate and up-to-date local phone number, designated as "Home"
  • An accurate and up-to-date local street address, designated as "Home"
  • If the child lives part-time at another local address, then that local phone number and local street address must be entered as well, designated as "Home2"

Please log into Blackbaud and ensure each of your children has at least one local phone number and local address, and that both are designated as "Home."

Home Phone

The phone number designated as "Home" should be a local number for a parent or guardian. If you do not have a landline, please enter a parent or guardian's cell phone number both "Home" and "Wireless." Please note that a student's personal cell should be noted as "Wireless," not "Home."

Home Address

The address labels "Home" and "Home2" may feel awkward for students living temporarily at a local address during the school year. Nonetheless, GNS staff will refer to "Home" (and "Home2") for the address at which a student will sleep every night, and the phone number that will reach at least one parent/guardian. When the school needs to identify where a student should go at the end of the school day, the "Home" (and "Home2", if applicable) address will be used. If the information is missing, the student must remain at school until we can establish with certainty where they should be going. Please note that GNS has chosen to use the "Summer" field to denote a student's permanent address and phone number for breaks and the end of the school year.

For more information about how to add phone numbers and addresses, please see the following Google Doc:

2. Helping With Privacy

By default, all parents can see the contact details of other parents to allow families to easily arrange social engagements with each other. If you are concerned about your privacy and would not like other parents to see your phone number or street address, please see the following Google Doc for instructions on how to modify your privacy settings:

Please do not simply delete these details as a way of maintaining your privacy. This information is lost to the school and will prevent us from being able to do our best for you.

3. Further Ensuring We Can Do Our Best to Look After Your Child

Every parent or guardian should log into Blackbaud and set up the Emergency Contacts list for each of their children at GNS, and periodically review this list and update it as necessary. It is vital the school knows the home address and phone number of each student and, in emergencies, knows who to contact, and in what order.

Blackbaud allows you to edit the emergency contacts for each child and quickly add phone numbers and email addresses of any existing relationships listed for that child. Emergency contacts should be local to the school (ie. within an hour's drive), so that they can respond quickly if your child needs assistance. You can also add individuals who are not Blackbaud users. It is easy to add a trusted neighbour or friend to your child's emergency contact list.

For more information about editing your child's Emergency Contacts list, please see the following Google Doc:

At GNS we are committed to doing our best for each student and their family. Please take the time to ensure the information in Blackbaud is accurate and up-to-date. This is GNS's database for connecting with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Tech Services Department at 250-370-6848 or if you have questions or concerns about the use of our Blackbaud school information system.

by Glenn Zederayko, Head of School