Responding to Report Cards

Teachers at GNS come to work to support excellence in student learning in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship. We frequently speak as colleagues about understanding student achievement in a manner that is formative. We use information about individual achievement to assist each student to do better in the coming weeks and months. This requires a sustained commitment to learning about each young person as an individual, meeting them where they are. We also recognize that working closely with you as committed and concerned partners, is the most effective way to support and challenge each student to do his or her best.

With this commitment to ongoing improvement and support in mind, I urge you to recognize and celebrate progress and success when you receive your child's report card, while at the same time gaining a better understanding of how improvement may be achieved in the coming terms. This involves listening to your child's analysis of what is working and what could be done better. Areas to touch upon may include effective use of class time, organizational skill development, ensuring comprehension by asking questions and seeking teacher support, and, finally, by doing an honest appraisal of overall effectiveness when completing homework and studying.

Understanding how to support ongoing improvement also involves speaking with the teacher(s) involved to share points of view and better understand opportunities for improvement that may be pursued. As professionals, we value feedback about how our approach impacts your child. We are absolutely committed to doing our best for each child, and will work with you to customize our approach. In speaking with current GNS students and alumni, I am very pleased to hear how strong the commitment to personal excellence is at the school.

I would also suggest that having your child in the room with you and the teacher is a powerful way to ensure that all points of view are being considered. It will allow for you to arrive at a strong and shared plan as a team, and in the process will support progress moving forward.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the school year I am confident that, with the support of parents and teachers, each student at GNS will continue to move forward in developing the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary for achieving at a higher level. I am also optimistic that each student will continue to experience a high level of enjoyment and reward from each day of learning on either of our unique campuses.

by Glenn Zederayko, Head of School