What Brings Great Families to GNS?

As with most successful schools, the vast majority of families that join us at Glenlyon Norfolk School do so as a result of referrals. The power of word of mouth at GNS extends across the Capital Region and spreads around the globe. We are fortunate that so many local and international students and families take the time to excitedly recount their many engaging learning experiences and positive lessons learned at the school to friends and family. We have found additional successes in sharing powerful messages about the achievements of our students in academics, the arts, athletics, and citizenship via the school website and on various social media platforms.

Treating Each Family as Unique

At this time of the year, you may see that other schools are holding open houses. It seems to us that these are impersonal activities that send the message one needs to visit on the host school's time and terms. In contrast, because we value treating students and their families as individuals, we have chosen to offer personal tours to all prospective families. In typical GNS fashion, this enables us to focus our attention on each family.

Please Assist Us!

While we understand the value of periodically and strategically spreading the word about our school and the GNS difference in the Times Colonist and other publications, we are always careful to ensure that we do not commit resources to these endeavours that would be better served enhancing the experiences of our current students. Rather than relying too heavily on traditional advertising, we instead depend on our community to spread the word, on our behalf, about the engaging and rewarding experiences that make the school so special. The power we have as the GNS family to encourage other terrific families to join us and add to the GNS spirit is truly awesome. With this in mind, I ask that you take time, now, and regularly, to encourage family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to contact us and come for a customized, personalized tour.

So please—talk about us! Share us on Facebook, include us in your tweets and Instagram posts, and forward our emails. Encourage families that are interested in finding out more about the 'GNS Experience' to reach out to us by calling or emailing our Admissions Office, or by visiting our website. We look forward to helping the great families you know, learn how GNS enables each student to do his or her best through truth and courage.

by Glenn Zederayko, Head of School