The History of GNS

The traditional values that make up our motto—Do your best through truth and courage—have well-established roots at Glenlyon Norfolk School.

In 1913, a pair of enterprising British women founded Norfolk House School, an all-girls school on what is now our Pemberton Woods Campus. Miss Atkins and Miss McDermott were dedicated to a rigorous education in academics, arts, and values. Some 20 years later, Glenlyon Preparatory School for boys was established on the location of our Beach Campus by an equally committed and gifted educator, Major Ian Simpson.

In 1986, the schools joined together to share their philosophies and resources in a cohesive approach to fostering the futures of their students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Ever responsive to changing needs and a changing world, GNS has continued to evolve. That evolution is grounded on values that act as a touchstone for our decisions and guide our approach to teaching. These values include truth, courage, caring, individuality and community.

GNS has a long-standing history of building bright futures. For over 100 years, our graduates have spanned the globe furthering their studies at esteemed universities. The success of our students is due, in large part, to our GNS family—the exceptional faculty and enthusiastic students—and to our IB curriculum.

A Brief History of Glenlyon Norfolk School