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GNS is one of only 5% of schools in Canada authorized to offer the full continuum of IB programmes, an enriched course of study that aims to prepare students to be committed, creative and compassionate citizens of the world. We strive to create learning environments for our students that promote independent thinking and encourage young minds and voices to take an active role in their citizenship. Our measure of education is broader than academic achievement. We nurture a belief in possibility and hold critical space for curiosity. We promote the development of self-discipline, courage and collaboration. We aim to provide our students with the ability to pursue their interests with confidence, to care for themselves, to care for others and to contribute in meaningful ways to their communities throughout their lives.

Neighbourhood Updates

GNS began as two separate schools. Norfolk House was opened in Victoria in 1913 as a girls’ school by Julia McDerrmott with the help of Dora Atkins, both British immigrants and pioneers with independent spirits. Our Glenlyon School on Beach Drive in Oak Bay opened in 1932 as a Preparatory School for Boys by Major Ian Simpson, a heroic survivor of World War I who hailed from Scotland. In 1986, the two schools amalgamated as Glenlyon Norfolk School.
Today GNS is co-ed and comprised of 3 schools, 2 locations and 1 shared philosophy. We have evolved along with our neighbourhoods over the past ten decades. Change and growth present challenges along with opportunities. We are committed to working with our neighbours to reconcile differences and to celebrate the communities that we share and love. Notices and school updates will be posted in this section for your convenience to strengthen our communications. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly with questions or concerns at

Questions or Concerns?

Neighbours of Glenlyon Norfolk School are encouraged to contact us via if they have any questions or concerns regarding the school.
We are so grateful to the Grade Two teacher and class and for the generous donation to Our Place Society...Please do tell the students how much we appreciate their gift, and all the hard work involved in fundraising. It will cover the cost of nutritious meals for six people.
We especially want to thank the faculty of Glenlyon Norfolk for teaching your students about the importance of helping vulnerable community members of our community.
– Our Place Society

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Giving Back

GNS has a long history of student-led support for community and service organizations in the Victoria region and beyond. Each year, many of our students and staff volunteer with a variety of groups that provide services and programs to local residents such as the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Our Place, the Mustard Seed, Out of the Rain, Extreme Outreach and the Foundry. This outreach to our community is an important part of our student development as it allows them to have had an impact where they live, work, learn and play. If you are aware of an organization that might want to work with our students, please let us know.

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