GNS Community Shines at WONDER Gala

GNS Community Shines at WONDER Gala

On Saturday evening, the GNS Community gathered for the culminating event of the Weekend of Wonder—the Gala!

Four unique food and drink stations were located around the campus, featuring culinary delights from local vendors as well as beer and wine tastings, mixed drinks, and martinis. Each station also boasted live performances by GNS alums.

Allison Ward '99 performed opera outside of the Music Centre, while inside Jessica Pickersgill '10 played viola with her string quartet.

Tori Windle '18 set up shop in the Denford Hall, where she did a live painting demonstration while guests mingled and sipped wine.

In the Scott Fitness Centre, Learning Strategies Teacher Megan Coll put on a dance performance with Angelina Blum '23. Guests were also treated to beer tastings from Red Arrow Brewery in a beach-themed Dining Hall!

Later in the evening, guests congregated in the beautifully transformed Gudewill Gymnasium, to feast on delicious desserts while enjoying the special performance by Claire Butterfield '09 and her band Foxglove.

Wonder Cabinet Honourary Chair Hamish Simpson and Co-Chairs Chris Denford and Donja Blokker-Dalquist once more took to the stage to thank the community for coming together on this historic occasion.

"GNS has always been more than a school to me," said Mr. Denford. "As a young student, it was a place that I became connected to... A place where I felt accepted and appreciated for my strengths as well as my weaknesses. A place where I and my classmates felt known, not just individual students, but our families—our siblings—our parents, sharing a bond that formed a much stronger family community, that makes our school so unique ... We consider it a great privilege to be able to help support the school and help achieve its aspirations."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why we do all the hard work and why we keep coming back," said Mrs. Blokker-Dalquist, "this is why we write the cheques long after our kids have graduated: We want there to be a place that helps to nurture strong, critically aware, and kind human beings."

After a standing ovation, the Timebenders took over the stage and the dancing began! A good time was had by all.

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