Summer Camp Wrap Up 2019

Summer Camp Wrap Up 2019

We want to thank all the families that joined in on the Summer FUN at GNS! Here are our top 5 favourite Summer FUN times:

Debate Camp: Ms. Easton's camp was full of public speaking, debate rounds, model UN, and persuasive speeches. Working together, the group even challenged the escape room at Victoria Escape games downtown!

Witches & Wizards Camps: Professor Howey and her trusty sidekick Izzy Moyer led quidditch games, board game creations, a Fantastic Beast Hunt, HP Jeopardy, and Potion class. During the hot summer days they took part in water fights to cool down, as well as a trip to Sweet Delights for some bertie botts flavour beans. From the Hogwarts acceptance letters to the sorting hat and Harry Potter escape room, this camp was a highlight for both muggles and wizards alike.

Marine Adventure Program: Doug Tyrrell and his guides hosted many GNS and Non-GNS students this summer. This camp covered all the basics of sea kayaking for the younger paddler while exploring many of Victoria's best paddling areas.

The Discovery Kayak Camp for students ages 13 to 15 spent the week honing their kayaking skills before spending two nights camping and exploring Discovery Island.

Art Explorers Camp: Jennie Greven, art teacher, led a camp full of day-long projects including clay and sculpture and designing and painting a mural in the heart of Fernwood!

Summer Sports Camps: The Chipmunks, Ravens, and Otters Camps at the end of June golfed at Victoria Golf Club.

Bunny Hughes Field Hockey camp was filled with games, tye-dye and non-stop fun.

The Beach Volleyball camp spent a week at Willows with Senior Volleyball Coach Andy Inglis.

Cait Haggarty led basketball Camp, teaching new skills and challenging students to be their very best.

Sonny Pawar, Technical Director of Soccer, led the GNS Soccer Team Camp to prepare our soccer players for the upcoming soccer season.

Thank you to all our leaders, coaches and teachers for putting on incredible camps! We cannot wait for next year as we continue to build our program.

Keep a lookout for our emails, announcements, and news as we have added new camps, programs, and activities for November, Winter and Spring Break, and Pro Yay Days on the Out of School Programs resource board (webpage to come).

Spring Break Surf Camp now has 3 surf lessons!!

Johnstone Strait Kayak Camp in June - grab a friend and explore the coast.

We want to hear from you, what were your or you child's GNS summer camp highlights? Fill out the form here:


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