Montréal Spectacular 2019

Montréal Spectacular 2019

By Ava Dryden

At the beginning of February, over 30 GNS students in Grades 8 to 10 travelled to Québec to experience French Canadian culture.

We started our journey by travelling to Montréal, where we toured the incredibly unique and interesting old town and the beautiful Notre-Dame basilica.

Next we explored the city's enchanting streets through the magic of the Québec Carnival, a colourful, festive event held every year.

On this trip, we learnt so much about a side of Canadian culture that the majority of us had never experienced before. Some were able to pick up a new language, find many ways of eating traditional Québecois poutine, desserts, and anything involving maple, and even learn to embrace the frigid temperatures! We also embarked on many different experiences like snowshoeing and tobogganing; we watched parades, visited the Ice Palace, went bowling, and even stopped at a traditional sugar shack.

Overall, this trip enriched our knowledge and creating an experience that will be remembered forever.

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