MS Badminton Wrap Up

MS Badminton Wrap Up

Jackie Maycock and Ana Ver

Another exciting season of Middle School badminton came to a close last week with City Finals and our end-of-season party.

As a team, we find so many reasons to celebrate victories small and large. Our season saw students who were brave risk takers, even "playing-up" a year to get an extra challenge. Many students balanced several commitments, including our Middle School play, and yet still had time and energy to attend our early morning practices. We were inspired by so many caring students who supported friends in times of victory and challenge.

We would like to congratulate all badminton players for their enthusiasm, determination and sportsmanship. We are extremely proud of how well our students represented GNS at practices, exhibition matches, grade tournaments and City Finals.

Please join us in congratulating all participants, and thank you for your support!

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