Connecting the Past to the Present

Connecting the Past to the Present

By Janna Sullivan

As part of their inquiry into preceding generations, the Kindergarteners are investigating some of the similarities and differences between their lives today and that of our ancestors. Our young inquirers are comparing our classrooms, technology, transportation, and methods of communication to those of the past.

A special group of Senior School students has helped the Kindergarteners to connect their learning about the past to the present in a memorable way. With the help of students in Ms. Nielson's Individuals and Societies 9 class and Mr. Thompson's Homeform, a year of pen pal writing has recently commenced! Handwritten letters, drawings, and cards will be exchanged between these students throughout the year, as they discover the lost art of letter writing together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank this amazing group of Senior School students for their caring leadership. There are thirty-three Kindergarteners looking forward to meeting their pen pals in person at the end of the school year. Until then, they'll look forward to "mail days" and corresponding by letter!

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