Recap: Grade 6 Boys Basketball

Recap: Grade 6 Boys Basketball

By Jake Burnett

The Grade 6 Boys' Basketball Season has just ended, and I am happy to report that it has been filled with action, great fun in training, marvellous coaching by Mr. Daimeohn Chapman (Grade 9) and some amazing skill and gameplay during our jamborees.

With an impressive roster of nearly 30 boys, what made this such a special season was the way the boys all came together—how we 'Did Our Best' with 'Truth and Courage' and even when obstacles came our way, we persevered to see things through with grace and dignity.

In our two jamborees we walked away with three victories out of five games, meaning that we had an excellent overall record. Though this is officially called the Grade 6/7 league across the city, many teams are filled with Grade 7 students who seem to be giants! Our team was entirely made up of Grade 6s and we put in some great effort across some really gritty games - in our first jamboree game at Lansdowne we were behind for the duration of the match, bar the last 15 seconds, when two great baskets snatched us the lead. In our recent trip out to John Stubbs, despite playing what seemed to be an NBA all-star team in the first game, we came good in the second game, dug in, and worked hard for a close victory.

This season also brought in the Super Invitational jamboree here at GNS, consisting of three home teams playing in a round-robin, led by Daimeohn Chapman (who was a member of this team three short years ago), Chris Graham (Grade 11 invitational coach and former member of this team five years ago) and Coach Burnett. Each team pitted their skills and drills against each other with enthusiasm and self-belief. We all saw many great baskets, rebounds, defensive might, three-pointers, and, as always, some superb support from the bleachers! Thanks to all members of our community for turning out and supporting the boys, and thanks to the boys for such a great event—and season!

It was also great to see how the team were supported and led by a senior school student, as Mr. Daimeohn Chapman in Grade 9, stepped up to help to work with us. As said, Daimeohn was in this very team only three years ago and it was just brilliant to see him giving back his time, sharing his skills and showing me how patient a coach needs to be!

Thanks again to everyone involved and to a wonderful group of very energetic and hard-working boys who helped to represent GNS with real Gryphon pride!

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