RSIS Big Build 2018

RSIS Big Build 2018

Last December, three Grade 11 students traveled to Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka to take part in this year's Round Square Big Build Project.

They joined over fifty other students from 22 Round Square schools representing all five RS regions.

Before the trip, Eliza, Clara, and Camille Germain had the opportunity to experience some unique excursions, like a Safari and a yoga retreat. They got to see a bit of the country from a unique perspective, but by the time they joined the Big Build team in Wasgamuwa they were eager to get started.

According Round Square, "the RSIS Big Build team mainly worked on a construction project building a community centre in which the local villagers will come together to learn about elephant behaviour and gather for community events such as funeral services and festivities. The environmental team worked on Project Orange, an award-winning conservation programme that uses citrus crops to divert elephant herds on their migration, protecting the elephants and farmers, whilst creating an alternative cash crop."

"Students took it in turns to lead the team during the project, taking responsibility for the organisation of the day, briefing their peers, giving an overview of safety and risk management and organising a student rota to help with different chores at camp."

Thanks to the trip, all three girls had an incredible experience they won't soon forget. The Round Square Big Build project happens every two years, and the girls encourage anyone who will be old enough in 2021 (student ambassadors must be 16 or older) to sign up and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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