Sailing Round the County

Sailing Round the County

By Luticia Hill

From November 11 - 12, Grade 10 student Chloe Hill-Huse participated in the 30th annual "Round the County" sailboat race. This 76-mile (122.31-kilometre) event was held over two days, with an overnight stop in Roche Harbour on San Juan Island. Over 100 sail boats participated this year, racing in the gorgeous and challenging waters of San Juan County Washington, USA.

Chloe was one of 10 crew members aboard "Blue," a Riptide 41 high-tech racing yacht that hails from the Great Lakes region of the USA.

Chloe was nicknamed "squirrel" for her crew work "squirrelling" up and down the forward hatch of the sailboat, manipulating the spinnaker over multiple maneuvers during the two days of racing.

"Blue" had strong finishes after both days of racing and Chloe was applauded as a great contributor on the crew.

Congratulations Chloe!

Instagram by @mygns