Students Lead Touchkball Tournament

Students Lead Touchkball Tournament

Using their critical thinking and collaboration skills, the Grade 7 classes put together a Tchoukball tournament in PHE 7.

It was a student-led tournament that included league organizers, referees, coaches, half-time performers and more.

"It was really fun for me as a league organizer," said Evan Papp '25. "I got to choose the teams, and it was pretty hard to make them equal, and for people to like them. But it was fun to also organize the time and the tournament set up, like a round robin or a cutthroat."

Students also played the roles of timekeepers, scorekeepers, photographers and more.

Papp was one of the league organizers, tasked with making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the tournament.

"It was challenging, but it was really fun," Papp said of the experience.

Charlotte McIntyre '25 acted as one of the referees for the tournament.

"It was something I had never really tried before," she said. "It was one of my favourite units that I have ever done in PE, and I really liked the experience. I had lots of fun with my teammates."

The students practiced throughout their entire Tchoukball unit, adjusting the rules as they went to work better for the competition.

"I searched lots of videos and went to websites to learn the rules, and made a shared document with the other referees. As referees we made up some of the rules to improve the gameplay. Because we aren't skilled professional players, we made rules to make the game a bit easier," said McIntyre.

The four teams put on a good show for the spectators, with the Green team going undefeated and winning the tournament.

"It was just a really fun experience," said McIntyre. "I was really happy we did it, and I hope the Grade 6s enjoy it when they go into Grade 7 next year."

Congratulations to the Grade 7 classes who put on a fantastic tournament!

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