Together We Build Community

Together We Build Community

By Janna Sullivan

Taking action to care for our environment, the Kindergarteners recently joined Margaret Lidkea, Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park Society, in an invasive plant pull at Cattle Point as part of an ongoing community restoration effort in this area.

As Cattle Point is one of our beloved outdoor classrooms for our weekly Nature School outings, the Kindergarteners were delighted to learn how to care for it during this hands-on community service. Ms. Sullivan's class completed their ivy pull on October 10, while Ms. Bird's class will embark on theirs on October 24.

Working alongside Ms. Lidkea, the Kindergarteners took pride in their efforts. They were thrilled to see how much ivy they pulled, knowing that they had made room for other plants to grow and flourish in this space. In turn, Ms. Lidkea was delighted to welcome such keen and capable members to her Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration Team!

During this outing, our young adventurers became knowledgeable about local plants and animals in our Garry Oak Ecosystem, as well as how to remove an invasive plant species. They will continue to visit the site of their ivy pull over the next couple of months, using their observation skills to see how this space changes through the seasons. In the spring, their efforts will be rewarded with a beautiful bloom of fawn lilies!

Instagram by @mygns