World Religion Tour

World Religion Tour

This week, Grade 8 students visited three different places of worship to learn about the common elements and values of each religion.

In class, the students study religions the same way they study history, learning how they fit into a global context. Teacher Rebecca Nielson says their yearly "religion tour" gives the students important first-hand knowledge and helps them connect what they are studying in class to the real world.

On Wednesday they visited the Masjid Al-Iman Mosque, then walked to St. Andrews Cathedral, finishing their tour at the Congregation Emanu-El Synogogue.

What stood out most to the students on this trip was how each place of worship they visited served as a community hub for the people who worshipped there. They were greeted at each location by a knowledgeable guide who took showed them around and gave them a sense of what their services look like.

One of the highlights was the Church Organ inside St. Andrews cathedral. The organist was practising during the students' tour, and they had the opportunity to ask several questions and see the organ up close. This was especially interesting for the music students on the tour! Check out a short clip below:

Instagram by @mygns