Gryphon Life

The thrill of performance. The feeling of belonging. The sense of pride that comes from helping to make a difference in someone's life.

Our Gryphons are busy! From debating to saving sharks, playing a trumpet to kicking a soccer ball, programming a robot to performing slam poetry, GNS offers a rich palate of co-curricular activities, and 100% of our students are engaged in the co-curricular life of the school.

Life outside the classroom is an integral part of the GNS experience. We strongly endorse student activities as being the other half of a well-rounded education. Academics and student activities together form the core of our program, hence the phrase co-curricular activities.

Our Junior, Middle and Senior schools each offer a strong program of age-specific co-curricular activities that give all our students the chance to delve into the arts, take part in an athletic endeavor, or explore a new or developing passion such as coding or the environment. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the range of opportunities that are available and to participate in the co-curricular program in each term.

100% of our staff are involved in our co-curricular programs
66% of Grade 11 and 12 students participate in our Arts programs
53% of Senior School students play on at least 1 of our 22 athletics teams
100%of our students are engaged in co-curricular activities
4 out of 5 students exceed their community and service requirements

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