Go Gryphons - GNS Athletics

The athletic program of the Junior School, with its emphasis on team sports and individual performance, strives to teach the values of good health and physical conditioning, as well as those of team play, self-sacrifice, and sportsmanship. Each student (Grades 2 to 5) has an opportunity to participate at a level consistent with his/her age, strength and skill. Intra-mural as well as interschool opportunities are available to every student.

At the Middle School, our athletics program is all about opportunity and participation. All students are afforded the chance to participate in whichever sports activities they wish to try and are strongly encouraged to take part in activities they haven’t attempted before. Last year some Grade 8 boys decided they wanted to have a volleyball team. A coach was found, a team was formed and the boys enjoyed a successful fun season playing against other middle school teams in the area.

Glenlyon Norfolk is a small school. And the desire to offer students as wide a range of athletic experiences as possible sometimes conflicts with the goal of ensuring that students have the opportunity to achieve excellence. To support our mandate, we have identified three male sports and three female sports that are regarded as the ‘major’ sports of the Senior School. For girls those are Field Hockey, Basketball and Soccer, and for boys they are Soccer, Basketball and Rugby. In these six sports the school will make every effort to ensure that we have a fully supported program at all age levels, with the explicit goal of being competitive at the Provincial level.

Other sports are encouraged and supported to the best of our ability. The goal for these sports is to be competitive at the local and Island level, though higher aspirations are encouraged and often achieved.

Athletics Contacts

Duncan Brice
Co-director of Athletics, Pemberton Woods

Alison Doerksen
Co-director of Athletics, Pemberton Woods

Gavin Bowers
Athletic and Co-curricular Coord., Junior School