We Are Silent

We Are Silent

On February 26, the Middle School Round Square Club will be joining Me to We's We Are Silent campaign, which means they'll go a full 24 hours without talking.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and money to support those children who don't have a voice and can't speak out. Right now, 25 million children will never to go school, many of whom are girls who have to stay home to help take care of siblings, collect water, go to work, live too far from school or can't afford to pay for school fees or uniforms.

Your donations will go to children around the world who need an education. For every $50 dollars we raise, one child gets an education and a voice.

If you are a Middle School student and would like to participate and take a stand for those children who don't have a voice, go silent for 24 hours and collect donations from friends and family.

Join us by donating to support children's education, or fundraise and go silent for 24 hours on February 26!



Sarah McKerlich
Director of Senior School Round Square Program

Kim Waugh
Young Round Square Coordinator

Leanne Giommi
Junior School Round Square Coordinator