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Grade 2s Get Down to Business

The Grade 2 students put their entrepreneurial skills to the test on February 4 as they hosted the Save on 2 Market, which is the culminating project for their unity of inquiry exploring different economic systems. 
The students have been busy putting their money skills to use as they created their own mini-businesses, which sold various goods and services. This year there was a wide array of goods the students were selling including hot chocolate, cookies, jewelry, slime, books, mystery bags and more. Some services the students offered included various arcade games such as basketball, ping pong and more. Throughout the selling process, some of the vendors had to problem-solve their marketing strategy as they went. One group adjusted their prices to improve sales. 
Other Junior School students and parents were patrons of the shops and came away with not only some special goods but smiles on their faces. Each shopper was given 50 cents from the Bank, that was manned by a couple of students outside of the shopping area. 
Business Day was aimed to help the students learn some specific goals including: 
  • Learn what it takes to create and run a business 
  • Build money skills: earning, saving, selling, paying expenses 
  • Develop teamwork, cooperation and collaboration skills
  • Make as much product as possible 
  • Build problem-solving skills
  • Work through the planning and design cycle 
  • Develop communication skills 

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