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Using Art to Overcome Personal Struggle

When Lisa Choi ’20 displays her art at the IB Art Exhibition from March 4 to 6, spectators will get the chance to get to learn more about this Grade 12 student. Her art is a representation of herself, as she uses it as a way to express her feelings at certain times in her life. 

“I use a lot of human forms like manipulations of human forms to represent my struggles and emotions that I go through a lot of the time,” Lisa said. “My pieces are just representations of my personal life.” 

Because of the personal nature of a lot of her pieces, there is specific attention to detail she puts in her art. This can be shown through the different media Lisa likes to work with. 

“I use a lot of acrylics and as well coloured pencils because I like to work with really concentrated media,” she said. “I’m very specific with a lot of things and I think when I have that controlled media then I get to specifically get into the details I want.” 

Lisa has put a lot of feelings into her art pieces especially from the very beginning. Her pieces are the way that she speaks to her audience. 

“When I look back to when I started with my pieces I was going through a lot of mental health issues, and I always struggled to express that with anyone. I wasn’t good at expressing my emotions,” she explained.” “Through my art pieces, I was able to let out the emotions I built up inside me, which turned out well because I found a way to talk about my mental health without actually talking about it, but with representing it through my pieces.” 

When Lisa gets to showcase her intimate pieces and reflections of her life, she hopes that it will speak to others and allow them to know there are ways they can express themselves as well. 

“My art revolves around my personal struggles with mental health,” she said. “I feel like speaking about mental health and reaching out is one of the hardest things you can do. Through my art, I wish that other people can take away a little bit of inspiration for talking or at least thinking about expressing their struggles and emotions.” 

After GNS Lisa will be continuing with her passion for art as she has applied to art schools throughout Canada. 

“My passion is art and my passion is what drives me further,” she added. 

The IB Art Exhibition will coincide with the Senior School musical production of Mary Poppins, so don’t forget to check out the art displays in the lobby of Denford Hall that will include work by Lisa and five other Grade 12 students. 

“We have put so much effort and so much time behind our pieces,” said Lisa. “They are a great collection of art pieces, and I feel like a lot of people will be inspired.”

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