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Middle School Girls Volleyball Wrap Up

The Middle School Girls Volleyball teams wrapped up their season with a big Middle School jamboree! 
By Ms. Hall and Ms. Harris
GNS had 58 girls from Grades 6 to 8 playing volleyball this year and the season wrapped up on Thursday, March 5 with a big Middle School jamboree. 
The Grade 6 girls volleyball team showed enthusiasm and commitment, as many were playing volleyball for the first time. They won some games and lost some games, but more importantly, they worked as a team no matter who was on the court. Some lead the team cheer for the very first time, or experienced being the captain for the match and taking the coin toss with the referee to see who served first. These players always came out with energy, even at the 7:15 a.m. practices!  Many of them came out to the wrap-up jamboree at GNS on Thursday and played their best volleyball yet, as they joined mixed teams with the Grade 7s. Some even stuck around until the end and played with a few Grade 8s who coached them during the season.  
The Grade 7 girls volleyball team developed a great sense of the game this season. For most girls, it was their second year of volleyball and it truly showed when they passed up countless serves and were able to get three contacts before returning the ball. These girls were committed to the team and it showed, even at the early practices! With many wins and some great learning opportunities, the girls improved from week to week. The girls worked well together in nail-biting rallies and made strong decisions under pressure. There is a lot of potential in these young ladies and we look forward to seeing their progression for many more seasons to come. 
There were 24 girls who played on the Grade 8 volleyball team this year. As a coach and for our school athletics program, it is a big highlight to have this many girls playing volleyball together! During every practice, the girls were dedicated, focused on the skill, drill or game, and playfully encouraged each other. This group experienced their first season in a competitive league where they faced a lot of strong teams but never failed to give it their all and commit to the ball. They always celebrated their successes, their positivity was contagious, and their determination never dwindled. These girls pushed each other to be better athletes, teammates, and friends and this is what made the team so successful. Keep playing volleyball and we will see you on the court in Grade 9!
Finally, thank you to all our student coaches, Grade 12s (Dana, Megan and Clara), Grade 11s (Ava, Vanessa and Sophie) and Grade 8s, for your amazing leadership and coaching! 

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