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The Benefits of Being a Risk-taker

Taylor Macdonald is showing what it takes to be a risk-taker by cross-training to become a stronger athlete. 
Sometimes, athletes want to mix it up when it comes to sports preparation, and that’s what Taylor Macdonald ’24 has been doing. On February 29, Taylor competed at the Pan Am XC Nations Cup, a cross-country race that pushed her to get out of her wheelhouse. She raced against other students in the Grades 6 to 8 girls category as they took on a challenging 1.6km competition featuring the “Mother Bear Hill” at the Bear Mountain Golf course. 

“It was pretty good,” said Taylor. “It was around nine to 10 minutes and about 1.6km. It was a pretty hard course, but it was fun …When I finished it I was glad I competed. I felt really happy and proud when I finished.” 

She learned about the opportunity through her teacher Ms. Sask, who told her about the race in math class. 

“I like to do runs and athletic things, so when I heard about the chance from Ms. Sask I just went for it,” Taylor explained. 

Taylor is using this opportunity to help build her skill set, including her mental toughness, for the upcoming soccer season. 

“It was good mental preparation for such a hard course,” she said. “It was pretty good cross-training, which was a reason why I chose to do it.” 

Congratulations to Taylor for getting out of her comfort zone and trying something new! 

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