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Students Create Memes to Showcase Learning

Students got creative when they created memes, and nearly a third of the students chose this activity
Ms. Simard’s IB Sciences 8 students have been studying geological events and discussing the importance of gathering solid evidence to build theories that will be accepted by the scientific community. When classes moved to GO!, she looked for creative ways her students could use technology to showcase what they were learning at home.
“The students learned about the continental drift theory—when all continents were attached in a supercontinent called Pangea—and how plate tectonics move due to the convection currents within the Earth’s mantle,” explained Ms. Simard. 
They were allowed to choose two activities out of five to showcase their learning. For example, students could create an online quiz, make a set of flashcards, or create five memes using the vocabulary they have learned in the unit. 
Students got creative when they created memes, and nearly a third of the students chose this activity. 
Sophie Davies knew from the start that she wanted to create memes for this assignment. Out of the five memes that Sophie made, she notes her favourite was one where she referenced “High School Musical.” 
“I enjoyed this activity,” she said. “I thought it was a fun way to apply our previous learning from Earth Science Unit, but doing it in a creative and fun way. I also love a good pun …You can make a joke out of anything, and I thought it gave me a better understanding of the knowledge because we had to connect our learning and match it with a meme format that worked.” 
Aleem Carino also liked making memes about what he had learned. 
“I enjoyed this activity because it was a nice change from the stuff we normally do like worksheets,” he said. 
Students came up with a range of memes as they incorporated what they had learned in class with popular images. Kimi De Gea used a variety of images in her assignment, including Aladdin, Justin Bieber and Ron Burgandy. 
“I enjoyed this task because it was a fun, modern way for us to be creative all while applying what we had learned in the weeks prior,” she said. “It also provided us with a different/abstract way of expressing our knowledge and ideas, which I think is very important for an IB learner. All in all, I had lots of fun with it and I hope to continue doing little activities like this in the future.”
Ms. Simard has used memes in her lessons before, and she felt this was a way for the students to have fun and be inventive in their science class. 
“In school, we often focus on the rigorous scientific method, however, great scientists have outstanding creative skills that allow them to innovate and think out of the box,” she said. “Giving the students options of activities also gives them the opportunity to work with tools that they want to explore or feel more comfortable with.”
Way to go Grade 8 students! 

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