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COVID-19 Update #2

Updates to the Sick Policy, Self-isolation and Quarantine section as well as to the Daily Health Screening Tool
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Update to Sick Policy, Self-isolation and Quarantine
With guidance from the BCCDC and the Ministry of Health and to provide clarification based on some inquiries, we have updated the fifth paragraph of “Sick Policy, Self-isolation and Quarantine” information that begins on page 24 of our Return to School Plan.
Students and staff should stay at home if they develop common-cold, influenza or COVID-19 symptoms. The key symptoms to watch for are fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If the staff or student (or their parent) indicates that the symptoms are consistent with a previously diagnosed health condition and are not unusual for that individual, they may return to school. No assessment or note is required from a health care provider. For mild symptoms without fever, students and staff can monitor at home for 24 hours. If symptoms improve, they can return to school without further assessment. If symptoms include fever, or if after 24 hours, symptoms remain unchanged or worsen, seek a health assessment. A health assessment can include calling 8-1-1, checking with a primary care provider like a physician or nurse practitioner, or going to a COVID-19 testing centre.
When a COVID-19 test is recommended by the health assessment, if the test is positive, the person should stay home until they are told by public health to end their self-isolation. In most cases, this is 10 days after the onset of symptoms. Public health will contact everyone with a positive test. If the COVID-19 test is negative, the person can return to school once symptoms have improved and they feel well enough. Symptoms of common respiratory illnesses can persist for a week or more. Re-testing is not needed unless the person develops a new illness. BCCDC has information on receiving negative test results. If a COVID-19 test is recommended but is not done because the person or parent chooses not to have the test or a health assessment is not sought when recommended, and the person’s symptoms are not related to a previously diagnosed health condition, they should stay home from school until 10 days after the onset of symptoms, and then they may return if feeling well enough.
Update to Daily Health Screening Tool
The most recent update to the BCCDC COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K–12 School Settings also included an update to the Daily Health Check Screening Tool that we are asking parents and staff to consult each day prior to coming to the school. This has also been updated in our Return to School Plan.
  • Please remember to do your Daily Health Screening Check each day before coming to school.
  • At the Pemberton Woods Campus, please remember to remain in your car if you are picking-up your child from school or dropping off supplies during the day. Only parents with appointments should proceed to the offices.
  • At the Pemberton Woods Campus, please remember to follow all the Parking and Drop-off procedures that were shared in this week’s announcements.
  • Under the updated ministry health and safety guidelines, masks are required for all staff and all students in Middle and Senior school when they are in high traffic areas such as on school buses and in hallways, and anytime they are outside of their classroom or Learning Group and they cannot safely distance from others.

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