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New Nurse to Provide Health Support across the School

Ms. Duffell-Warthe has more than 20 years of experience as a school nurse at various independent schools.
The GNS community welcomed a warm new face around both campuses this week as Ms. Susan Duffell-Warthe joined us as the School Nurse. 

“I’m looking forward to developing a very robust program that is meeting the needs of everybody in terms of what is a health centre and what does this mean to you,” she said. “Then being able to put together a program that everybody has had a piece in, so we can put together a program that is suited specifically for GNS.” 

It is the first time that GNS has had a school nurse, but Ms. Duffell-Warthe’s background has prepared her to take on the task. To start, she will work with members of the GNS community to find out what is needed and how the health centre can provide support for students.

“Right now I’m just determining what the student needs are, and what they would like to see from the health centre and what it looks like for them,” she explained. 

She adds there is a lot that can go into a health centre, and is happy the school has brought her in to help. 

“I hope that it can prove to be just as helpful and supportive as I know it can be,” she said. 

Ms. Duffell-Warthe has more than 20 years of experience as a school nurse at various independent schools. She helped to develop and administer health care programs, worked closely with faculty, staff, parents, and students, and created multiple programs and groups. Not only does she have experience in schools, but Ms. Duffell-Warthe started her career in emergency rooms and hospitals and she has also worked in a mental health unit. 

Susan will work with both the Beach Drive and the Pemberton Woods campuses. As she learns about the school and gets a chance to get to know everybody, she’ll split her time between the campuses as she puts a program into action.

Ms. Duffell-Warthe will also collaborate with the School Counsellors, Mrs. Lara Feldman (Junior School) and Ms. Dawn Nordin (Middle and Senior School), to help support students to have the best experience at school. 

If you see Ms. Duffell-Warthe at any of the campuses, don't hesitate to introduce yourself and give her a big welcome to GNS!

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