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Grade 10s Answer ‘Hue Are You?’

Students explored "hue" they are through their artwork. 
Ms. Gina Sicotte’s IB Visual Arts 10 students started off the year by asking “Hue are you?” To start, the Grade 10s explored their favourite colours by mixing acrylic paint to make colour swatches. Then they did some contour line drawing of meaningful personal objects. Using their drawings and colours, students completed the activity by creating a playful kaleidoscope that revealed aspects of their identities. 

“I mainly chose to swatch hues of blues and grays because they are both cool colours that go well together, and I really like both of those colours,” explained Mila Somogyi. 

Mila drew a pencil, paintbrush and an eraser to add to her kaleidoscope because of her love of art. As well, Mila showed the importance friendship has in her life by drawing a hair clip that she and a friend both own. 

“I think that my project shows that I am a little bit of a perfectionist because I wanted it all to look good and I spent a lot of time positioning my triangles to look just the way I wanted,” she said. “I hope that when people see my project they see the connection between the colours and objects I drew because I tried to be repetitive with the triangles and make them all work together.” 

Mason Carlson chose to use natural colours like browns and greens for his project, as they represent his love for the outdoors. 

“At first I was just mixing colours to see what colours would make what,” he described. “Then  I started making colours I connected with, and a lot of them were natural colours. My family and I do a lot of hiking so those colours are things I would see in the trees or the mountains.” 

In Mason’s self-portrait mash-up, he drew things that he uses in his everyday life, including many objects he carries in his bag, like school supplies and his phone.

“I hope people’s first impression when they see the piece is that I am creative and that I can think and create beautiful pieces of art,” he said. 

Way to go Grade 10 IB Visual Arts students for showing us “hue” you are through your work!

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