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Reading with the JK/Kindergarten Classes

Ms. Bigelow’s favourite books to read to the students always include many laughs.
Every Friday morning for the past two years, the Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have walked into the Learning Commons on the Beach Drive Campus looking forward to a special story time with Ms. Jean Bigelow, Junior School Principal. Last week, students sat in a half-circle around Ms. Bigelow as she read When Santa was a Baby by Linda Bailey, at separate times for each class. Students were drawn to the photos, but also the charming and often cheeky way Ms. Bigelow changes her voice for the different characters. 

“I picked JK and Kindergarten’s because they are the youngest kids in the school. JKs are even brand new, so it’s a way for me to get to know them well as they come up through the school,” she explained.

With plenty of laughter and intense listening, it’s a good time for everyone involved. 

“It’s fun,” Ms. Bigelow explained. “It’s a fun way to get the kids to see me in a different light, other than someone who comes around and makes them tuck in their shirts. It’s a way to connect with kids and share my love of books with them.” 

Ms. Bigelow’s favourite books to read to the students always include many laughs. She said her top book would be The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. 

“The kids lose their minds because it’s all about words and making whoever reads it say cheeky words–they love that. So I read it about once a term, it’s really fun,” she said. 

Over the past couple of years, Ms. Bigelow has been able to make many memories, and continues to do so every Friday! 

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