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SAC in Middle School Keeps School Spirit Up

The SAC in the Middle School have been thinking of creative and fun ways to get students involved. 
For the last few months, the Middle School Student Activity Council (SAC) has been busy keeping up Gryphon school spirit! Students have been thinking of unique ways to get everyone involved and to create a sense of community. The SAC is a new group this year as the Middle School decided to move away from the traditional prefect model in an effort to involve more students in leadership roles. Two representatives from each homeroom make up the SAC. 

This has been a perfect year to help build community across the Middle School and form closer connections with homerooms working together. 

“We have been trying to build more Middle School spirit and helping out with certain activities,” said Owen Krigolson '25. “Right now, we are organizing a build-up to a mufti, to increase school spirit and encourage more of a community within the Middle School.” 

Leading up to Winter Break the students were “building a mufti,” during the week. On Monday, Middle School students were invited to wear any pair of shoes with their uniform. On Tuesday, shoes and interesting socks; Wednesday, any shoes, socks and pants; Thursday, shoes, socks, pants and a festive sweater or top. Then on Friday, to complete the look, students added a festive hat and/or accessories. 

Owen said he wanted to be part of the SAC because he likes to help build school spirit. 

“It was a key factor for me because I like to try to increase spirit in people, or tell a joke to make people smile because I know how much it makes people feel better,” he said. “I thought this was a good thing for me to try and help out. I’ve enjoyed it.” 

For Nolan Wharton'27, he wanted to join the SAC because he was interested in organizing different events across the Middle School. 

“I thought it would be cool to organize fun things and get all the school spirit going,” he said. “We have some big spaces that we can do things, so I think it’s been going pretty well.” 

Throughout the fall, the SAC helped to put together the Student Vote in the Middle School, as well as an UNO tournament, which just concluded. Aslan Stark was named the MS UNO Champion! 

 The SAC has also been organizing a Winter Mannequin Challenge. Homerooms filmed their groups, and submissions will be presented in assembly on December 11!

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