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Harmonious Voices Ring in the Midst of COVID-19

How to move forward with a Holiday concert with no live audience
It’s a different year for everyone, but especially those in the music world. Singing or playing for a camera instead of actual people, is a very different experience. It does not replace that rush of adrenaline a performer feels when they look out to a packed house on opening night. The sound of applause at the end of a show, the encouraging smiles and congratulatory utterances—are all gone. It’s a sad year, and audiences are missed. 

“I can’t wait for the day when we are back performing in theatre and music,” said Ms. Amanda Chaval, GNS’s Choir Director. “When many people can gather in the same place again and have a shared experience through performance. The buzz of excitement and warm bodies filling the audience’s seats. It’s been hard for music teachers and music students. However, I’m glad we’re still able to run choir this year at GNS and give the students an avenue to express themselves through the arts.”

“Performing for a camera is a much different experience than performance in front of a live audience,” said Connor Roberts, Grade 11 choir and theatre student. “On the final performance of the fall production, we had an audience of 13 people, and even just those few people brought my energy and my acting up to a much higher level than that of the nights before. The main thing I miss about live performance is getting to interact with and see the audience’s reactions throughout the show.”

The pandemic didn’t stop Ms. Chaval and GNS Choir students from working harder than ever to bring the holiday spirit to campus through song. Both the Middle and Senior School Choirs have been carefully preparing their repertoire this term and are excited to be able to share it in video format. 


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