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Paving the Way for a Smooth Transition

The Grade 5s were split into groups of four and two to three Grade 6s showed them around the school. 
The tradition of Grade 5s spending a morning at the Pemberton Woods Campus continued this year. While there were modifications to ensure safety, the students got the chance to see what life at the Middle School has to offer once they make the transition in September. 

The Grade 5s visited four locations: the Music Centre, Scott Fitness Centre, the Dining Hall and Gudewill Gym. 

“It’s been a great day,” said Alexander ’28. “I really love the PW Campus, it’s great. I love the band room, you can choose a musical instrument and play what you want. It’s a really fun part. I can’t wait for the programs they offer, and the fun I’ll have when I come here.” 

During their tour they were introduced to Chromebooks, discussed the fine arts rotation, talked about Homework Club, played games of ‘Bump’ basketball, and learned about various musical instruments. Plus, they were able to check out the stationary bikes and rowing machines. It was a jam packed morning!

“It’s been different from Grade 5, but I think in a good way,” said Ryan ’28. “The campus is different and the activities. Now we get to do band and that’s a little different from our music class, but I want to do the bass.” 

The Grade 5s were split into groups of four and two to three Grade 6s showed them around the school. 

“I think it’s pretty cool meeting with the younger grade and showing them everything we do so next year they are all prepared,” said Ben ’27. 

Having been on the Grade 5 tour herself last year, Ella ’27 said it was helpful for her and she was glad to give back. 

“I thought it was really fun teaching them about things they didn’t know and showing them the campus, I think they enjoyed it,” she said. “I remember when I came here, I was scared. But I felt a lot better when the Grade 6s showed us around, so I hope they feel the same.” 

Both Ben and Ella had some advice for the soon-to-be Middle Schoolers. 

“This campus does look big, but once you start walking around it, and getting around everything will be fine,” said Ben.

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