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Grade 12s Win Free Mufti With Granola Bars For Good

Alexis Kuo ’24
Over 1,700 granola bars were collected; providing breakfast for 56 youths!

Congratulations to the Grad Class of 2021 for winning the Granola Bars for Good Senior School Round Square Fundraiser! With more than 700 granola bars brought in by the Grade 12s, they easily won the free Mufti.
Not wanting to be upstaged by the Grade 9 class, anonymous sources say a group of strong-willed Grade 12 students rushed to a local grocery store and cleaned out their granola bars. It is still unknown as to how the granola bars were transported back, but it is possible that a truck was commandeered in the process. The Grade 12s will have their well-earned Mufti on Thursday, February 11.

In all, over 1,700 granola bars were collected; providing breakfast for 56 youths for an entire month. Some members of the Grade 9 class displayed their artistic skills by building a granola bar structure that could practically rival the CN Tower in height.

With the Granola Bars for Good fundraiser wrapped up, Round Square is immediately transitioning into February events. For only two days, Tuesday, February 9 and Wednesday, February 10, CandyGrams will be sold at $2 a bag. Candy bags will be sold and distributed in cohorts, and Grade 9s and 10s can find their respective candy shops in the Dining Hall. Grade 11 sellers will be travelling throughout the school, with theGrade 12 stand in the Learning Commons. 
On Thursday, February 11, the CandyGrams will be delivered to the recipients by cupids. The proceeds will go to our winter term charity RAVEN, Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs.

Thanks to all those who participated in the Granola Bars for Good fundraiser and congratulations to Grade 12s for putting their maximum effort into the challenge. Senior School Round Square is looking forward to hosting CandyGrams in the coming week, so remember to bring your toonies!

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