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Grade 4s Explore BC Industries

Students took their research and brainstormed what makes their chosen industry thrive in BC.
The Grade 4s recently wrapped up their summative for the ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ IB PYP Unit of Inquiry. The central idea for the unit was “economic changes create shifts in the demographics of a community.” In class, they looked at the different industries in British Columbia and from there they chose which industry to learn more about. 

In groups, students took their research and brainstormed what makes their chosen industry thrive in BC. Students were then tasked to create a presentation about the industry based upon their new knowledge. They also had to create a theoretical community plan for the industry that focused on what would drive people to live nearby. 

Following in-class presentations about their industry, students were given an intended event or an unintended consequence that affected that industry and they had to decide how to respond.

Khaila, Carlson, Ainsley and Liam were in a group together that explored tourism in British Columbia. 

“This industry represents tourism and a lot of people come in and do things that involve airplanes, boats, and activities,” said Khaila. 

In the model the group created, there was an airport, boat, farm animals, bus, travel information centre and much more. An important aspect of the group’s model was the legislative buildings, one of the popular places that tourists visit.

“We picked this industry because it’s fun to learn about why people come to our province and how everything works together with the people that come here, the people who live here and the shops,” said Carlson. 

The group said it was interesting to look at tourists who visit British Columbia and then discuss where they would go first, whether it was a hotel or a restaurant. Their research helped them learn a lot about tourism as well as other industries in BC.

“Everything works together,” said Carlson. “The people that come to our province buy stuff, so the people that live here can make money. It all works together somehow.” 

“If someone chopped down a tree, that tree could go to making a house or selling wood. It can do different things, it's not just one,” said Ainsley. 

“I learned that Victoria is a place that a lot of people come to for various attractions,” said Khalia. 

“Every place that you can go to has a different thing to do. For example, if you go to a ski hill, or if you go to the countryside then you would see a lot of animals. Everyone has their role and it all works together,” said Liam. 

Way to go Grade 4s on learning about all types of BC industries! 

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