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IB French 7 Enhanced Plan Francophone Vacations

Recently, the IB French 7 Enhanced class explored travelling to new places. Even though travel is still restricted due to COVID-19, it didn’t prevent these students from putting together a plan to visit a Francophone destination of their choice. 

To showcase their research of the various locations, Mme. Samantha Goddard had the students create presentations in French to describe to  their classmates the fantastic destinations and to share what they had learned about their respective cultures and activities. 

Olivia and Sasha chose to "travel” to Monaco. They decided to focus on this European country because one of their science teachers used to live there. 

“It sounded really nice, and I thought it would be interesting to research it and see what it was like,” said Olivia. “We focused on swimming there because it’s on the coast and the beaches are beautiful. We also decided to do a tour bus because we would want to see everything.” 

In addition to learning about what kind of activities they could do, the pair also examined the culture and even the politics of their chosen destination, including finding out that they have a monarchy and that country has a very high GDP. Putting together the research was the hardest part they said because Monaco is a smaller country and there wasn’t as much information available. 

Noah and Olyn researched a fun vacation spot at Côte d'Ivoire (The Ivory Coast).

“We don’t really know much about that place and we wanted to learn more,” said Noah. “We like tropical regions and there are a lot of activities.” 

Finding the research and presenting was what the pair said was the most difficult part, but they agreed it was a fun project. 

“We learned a lot more about the country, and I’m glad me and Noah planned to do that country. I would say we had a fun time,” said Olyn. 

Other students, like Lily and Jessica, choose a destination closer to home, like Quebec. They said they wanted to pick Quebec because of the variety of available activities and the colder temperatures in the winter were appealing. 

“They were all the activities that we enjoyed, and then we wanted the wintertime so we had a variety of activities like skiing and ice skating,” said Lily.  

What a fun way for the students to take an adventure through research and photos! 

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