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Top Things To Do In Victoria For The May Long Weekend

Alexis Kuo ’24
Below are a few ideas for hopefully our last May long weekend under COVID restrictions.
Victoria is a beautiful city with an abundance of colourful flora and fauna and unique local shops, so there is no excuse to be shut up indoors. Especially when so much work is done online, getting a break from technology and spending some time outside is crucial to feeling rested. Below are a few ideas to weather off hopefully our last May long weekend under COVID restrictions. 

In January 1906, a 1,598 ton iron-hulled steamer, the SS Valencia, sank off the southwest coast of Vancouver Island in an area known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific.”  “The Theatre of Horror” is an exhibit at the Maritime Museum of BC available this long weekend that digs in depth into the events associated around this disaster.

On a much happier note, the Royal BC Museum proudly offers Orcas: Our Shared Future, an exhibit on the Orca, an apex predator and one of BC’s animal symbols. This exhibit will have visitors swimming along as we learn about the orca from the viewpoint of Indigenous beliefs, popular culture, and even as an orca to learn more about social structures in the pod and the effects of captivity. 

There are many local businesses that have been hit hard by COVID restrictions, so why not show support and be a good local customer? Support Local BC is a website where you can see your favourite local stores and discover some new ones! 

If you prefer to stay outside, with the weather looking nice for this weekend—mostly sunny and around 17℃—why not take a stroll and enjoy the last few cherry blossoms?

As a reminder, Round Square has two upcoming activities planned. Thursday May 20 was the first Freezie sale of the month and more are planned for the next upcoming Fridays. Stands will be located outside the Dining Hall and are contact free, to be COVID safe. Come by with a few loonies and toonies and pick up your Freezie! 

Drop off your bottles in the Maddison Parking Lot on Saturday May 29 from 1 to 3 p.m. All proceeds collected from the bottle drive and Freezie sales will go towards the Mountain Road Project. If you are needing service hours, as Round Square is also in need of volunteers, please sign up with this Google Form.

An unofficial holiday coming up just before the Victoria Day Holiday, is Talk like Yoda Day. This Friday, May 21 is a follow up from May 4 (May the 4th Be With You) for any Star Wars fans out there. For the general public, it is the perfect opportunity to speak in bad grammar. As a side note for any parents reading, May 10 was Clean Your Room Day, my mom’s personal favourite. For me, I am just glad that day won’t be here for another 355 days.

With so many things to do, don’t stay inside for too long. Go outside to enjoy the weather and scenery or visit some local stores.

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