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Round Square Bottle Drive This Weekend

Alexis Kuo ’24
Drop off your empty bottles and recyclables in the Maddison Street Parking Lot this coming Saturday, May 29 from 1 to 3 p.m. to support the last large fundraiser hosted by the Senior School Round Square!

All proceeds collected from the bottle drive will go towards the Mountain Road Forest Project. The Mountain Road Forest Project is 82% of the way there, with only $250,000 remaining. According to the HAT Mountain Road Forest Campaign Website, only 250 donors with $1,000 each are needed to meet the $3,400,000 goal. The fundraising deadline has been pushed to July 20, so we still have a chance to save this forest! With proceeds raised from the bottle drive, Round Square hopes to join the 800+ donors who have already leapt to contribute to protecting the environment that makes Vancouver Island beautiful.

This 49-acre piece of land has been the focus of many real estate developers. This beautiful piece of forest is at risk of being turned into “forest residential lots” that neglects the wellbeing of the environment. Development of this land would result in the loss of countless animal and plant species and important ecosystems such as the Garry Oak Meadow and Coastal Douglas fir-forest. The Western Screech Owl, an iconic symbol for children around the world, also calls this piece of land along the coast of British Columbia in West Saanich home. It is of utmost importance that these species of flora and fauna are kept alive for future generations to enjoy. If fundraising efforts are successful, the Capital Regional District will designate this land as a new regional park for all to enjoy—a perfect spot to hike and bike!

Round Square is in desperate need of volunteers so please sign up on this Google Form if you haven’t already. To those volunteers who have already signed up, your willingness to contribute is greatly appreciated. If you have collected bottles and other recyclables, drive by the Maddison Street Parking lot where you will be greeted by volunteers following proper COVID-19 protocols who will help unload your donated clean empty bottles from the trunk of your vehicle and sort them into proper bins provided by the Bottle Depot.

Thank you in advance to our GNS community for supporting our student-driven initiative and our last large fundraiser. The Senior School Round Square looks forward to seeing you this Saturday between 1 and 3 p.m.; our final push for an important initiative for the future of Vancouver Island. A fitting end for a successful year! 

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