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Middle School Ultimate Has a Blast

There was no shortage of fun for the Middle School students that took part in Ultimate Frisbee this year!
With 60 students participating from Grades 6 through 8, the turf was a great learning field for everyone as Tuesdays were filled with games of playing ladders, sky battles and taking part in scrimmages.  

Ultimate is coached by our own Ms. Tassy Davidson, who is a former ultimate player and earned a gold medal and was an MVP winner at the national and international level, as well as University of Victoria Vikes Ultimate coaches Keegan and Alicia, who will also be coaching summer camps this year with Elevate Ultimate. Students worked on multiple drills to help develop their ultimate skills. Split into their respective cohorts, these Gryphons learned to throw, catch and make plays. 

For many of the Grade 6s, this was the first time that they took part in ultimate. 

“It was really fun. Even if you are at a lower level you can still have fun by playing with other people. It’s not all about competitiveness,” said Charlie Murray. 

Many of the students said they just liked getting out on the turf and being able to play with their friends. 

“ I feel like it was really fun playing against our friends and having different coaches teach us things about ultimate and all the different throws,” said Wyatt Martel. 

Other students liked how they were able to have some form of competitive aspect to the game. 

“My favourite part of ultimate was being able to play. Even if it’s not outside of the school, at least it’s competitive against my friends,” said Benjamin Esposito. 

“My favourite thing about ultimate was the competitiveness all around,” added Ben Horton. 

Way to go to all the students who came out for Middle School Ultimate this year! 

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