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Gallery of Fame Skills Come in Handy

Gallery of Fame techniques came in handy for this GNS Gryphon 
Congratulations to Sophie Jolivet ’25, who placed third overall at the 4-H British Columbia 2021 Provincial Communication Finals for her Speak and Show in August! Sophie noted that what she had learned throughout her monologue unit, taught by Mrs. Katherine Pagett, helped her with her presentation. 

“The whole drama experience helped because it was more time to talk, and especially Gallery of Fame. Talking in front of a crowd and learning to talk in front of a crowd and speak out and project out helped me while competing at provincials because there were a lot of people, and it was a really big space. Although I only had to speak to the judges in front of me at provincials, I decided to project to everyone,” said Sophie. 

For Gallery of Fame, Sophie portrayed Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Leading up to their performances, the Grades 8 practice and memorize their speeches, while using multiple techniques to help get their points across. Sophie used the techniques she learned when competing. 

“My tone and emotion was an important aspect and we talked about it in Gallery of Fame,” she said. “Like what parts of your script need more tone and emotion, and how to make a big impact. So, I used those techniques in different parts of my Speak and Show.” 

For 10 to 20 minutes Sophie had to talk and demonstrate knowledge on an agricultural topic of her choice. She chose to talk about the care of newborn lambs (which she raises). 

“I went through caring for them the moment they are born, a day after they are born and a week after they are born,” she explained. 

Way to go Sophie for using those skills learned on the stage at GNS and bringing them to 4-H provincials! 

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