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Grade 6s Dive Into Science Experiments

The Grade 6 science classes have been off to a great start this year!
Through various labs, students have been learning the basic skills needed for conducting science experiments. 

In Ms. Jennifer Quinn’s class, students started with a Biscuit Investigation, where they looked at how quickly different biscuits would dissolve when dunked in a cup of tea. 

In preparation, students had to create a diagram to show how they would conduct the investigation, including the different types of equipment that would be needed to complete it. They then timed how long it took for a tea biscuit and a ring biscuit to dissolve. 

“Our conditions were very strict, the biscuit had to fully dissolve,” explained Tristan Staniforth. “The ring biscuit lasted five minutes before it was completely dissolved, and we couldn’t fully dissolve the tea biscuit. For us it was up to 13 minutes.” 

“The tea biscuit lasts longer than the ring biscuit for us,” said Averi Kuo about her group's experiment. “We put the tea into a cup and then put the biscuit in the tea to see which one dissolved quicker. The ring biscuit snapped.” 

While groups were all using the same materials, results could vary. 

“I just mixed it around and saw which one turned mushy first,” said Clara Rowand. “Ours both lasted three minutes, except the ring biscuit lasted 20 seconds longer.” 

In Ms. Shawna Park's science class the students took part in a paper towel lab. They tested two different types of paper towels to find which one was the strongest. The students were given brown paper towels and white Bounty paper towels to compare. Using water and pennies, students came up with different methods to prove their hypothesis about which type would stand up the longest under pressure.  

We can’t wait to see what other experiments the Grade 6s get up to this year! 


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